"Poetry That Speaks Deeply"

my poems--->

As a Military Veteran diagnosed and living through PTSD, with associated anxiety and depression, I found that writing things down, especially how I was feeling, what I was thinking, really offered me a release and helped to communicate my thoughts.

In a way, unbeknownst to me, I had opened myself up, placed myself on a path, which in turn has been a massive aid to my ongoing recovery, which, as well as the amazing physical/mental health assistance I have received from several of our wonderful military charities, has been a long old, uphill dusty road full of potholes, and will probably continue to be so, except now the road isn't so steep.

My poems can be quite dark and disturbing, (and a bit sweary!!) as well as unique and uplifting, which hopefully the latter can bring a smile. They would manifest, depending on how I was feeling at the time I was writing them, which, as life can be a roller coaster of emotions, led to a great variety of moods, ideas and frantic scribblings, wanting to get them down before my terrible forgetfulness kicked in !!

I hope that some, or even just one of my poems will resonate with people, including my fellow veterans, and maybe just inspire them enough to pick up that pen and paper, or tap into your mobile phone or tablet, leading you to taking down ideas, feelings or memories of time well spent, then making notes and becoming more creative. There's a whole dictionary out there for you to dive into and absorb.

Just remember this..... "Words are FREE, and your world is your mind!"