T'is the place I have spent most of my life, after leaving my home town of Rochdale, Lancashire on the 29th of January 1984, aged 16yrs and 5 months to join the Royal Navy.
So, this is my home, and I love the place the locals call Kernow, which in recent years has been referred to by some as "KERNOWFORNIA"
In this section, I would like to share some of my photographs that I've taken over the years, plus just maybe....... the odd poem, or 3.

Northcott Mouth near Bude

Just love getting photos, with reflection on the wet sand as the wave receeds. You can look down and see the sky as clear as day. Beautiful.

Northcott Mouth

Another pleasing and inspiring photo from near Northcott Mouth. Once again, with the sun just dipping behind some grey cloud, allowing me to get a reasonable reflection of the sky. 


Duckpool is, along with Northcott Mouth, a National Trust owned area, comprising of a small car park and beach with no other facilities, yet despite this is always very popular with locals and tourists, especially when the tide is out and the sand is exposed, amd the stream pours down over the rocks and out into the Celtic Sea....
With access to the Coastal Path on either side you can head North, or Southwards. Either way the views are stunning, Oh, and it IS a bit steep in places. 


A stunning valley to walk, especially inland alongside the River Valency towards St Juliot's Church.
The inner and outer harbours surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural slate cliffs are breathtaking, and the walk on the Western side of the harbours to the top of Willapark, where the Boscastle Coastal Watch station is situated provides some gorgeous views in either direction of the rugged Cornish coastline.
You can also head to the other side of the harbours, the Eastern side and walk up to Warren Point where you will be treated to a stunning view as you look back at the village back up the valley.