Milo is my 4 legged friend
We've been together for almost 8 years now ( coming up, as of April 2024) and he will be 11 that month. Having moved around a lot, he's been through as much as I have, in a way. He was picked up from a rescue charity near St. Austell back in April 2016, as he hadn't had the greatest first 3 years of his life, and had also recently been returned after being with a family for just 2 weeks???
So, after I had petted him and then he growled at me, I thought "this guy is for me !!"
He came home with me to where I was living in a rented ground floor flat in Bodmin until 2017, when life just fell apart for me, and since I lived there I have moved 8 times in 6 and a half years, due to my circumstances.
Firstly, Milo, which is the only name he had until I came along, was given a more aristocratic extended name, beyond his 4 lettered pet name.
I see all these pedigree animals with their fancy breeding and fancy, sometimes ridiculous names, so I thought, why the hell not!
Milo, was then renamed, and he IS registered at the Vets with this name, by the way.......
Milo Algernon Greypuss the 3rd , (as he was 3 when I got him and I just thought he needed a number in there as well).
So please allow me to introduce you to him.....

Milo Algernon Greypuss III

Here's the smiley chap, when he had both his eyes.....

Always nearby

He was always "in the vicinity" as he lived pretty much outdoors. 

Nasty accident

Not 100% sure what happened to Milo. It was definitely not from fighting. Probably likely to be be a long thorn when heading through bushes etc. His eyeball was punctured, and therefore herniated. So it had to be removed. It cost me, in total,.... £1100 to fix him up. 

Post "Eye removal" Op

Simply out, the eye was removed, the socket cleansed and the eyelid sewn shut, with plenty of stitches.

Adapted, and HAPPY

It's amazing how Milo has adapted and overcome what's happened to him.
He still hunts and brings back pressies for me, leaving the bits he doesn't want outside the front door for me to clean up. 
He's HAPPY and content, which is all I want for him, bless him.