Simple poems that you can read easily, that are not too tough on the mind, allowing you to relax, and most importantly..... "Breathe"

"Apart,(of life?)"

Good to talk?
Or go for a walk?
Me time?
We time?
Can we have both?

Me and You?
1+1 makes 2?
"One" is so lonely?
Maybe, 2 is the only
Way to move on?
As 2 "can" become 1?


Have you ever noticed
How much, the same
Our life is like
A candle flame?

Burning steadily
When there's no trouble
T'il something happens
To burst our bubble

Then suddenly
When problems arise
We watch the flame
With our own eyes

Try to protect
It's delicate glow
Cup our hands
as if we know

That the slightest wind
Or breath of breeze
Can bring our life
Down on it's knees

Extinguished simply
With a single breath
Care for the light
And not its death

Fragile, but yet
A thing so pure
The light of life
Of this I'm sure

Will burn on calmly
When love is strong
Eternal flame
If "we" belong

Will sometimes "flicker"
When life makes us cry
But if love is forever
Will never die......


I don't know if you've ever sat, or laid down and stared up at the clouds, preferably NOT on a rainy day!!
Is it just me, when I explain what I noticed, when on holiday in Bulgaria, home to a very famous Uncle, that I grew up with. (just take a second and think about it,............ ahhhhh see? You got it !!)
Anyhow, I was staying in a town called Nessebar at a family run hotel, which was lovely.
So, chilling out and lying on a sun lounger near the pool, I was listening to music via my mobile phone when I noticed something weird when staring up, studying the clouds.
When I looked at them and focused my sight directly up without moving my eyes you can see them moving along, as per normal, ok?
Are you still with me?
Good !!
Except, when I watched them moving one way and then look the other way they started to move that way instead ( total mind melt !!). I thought I was losing the plot....
I checked it the other way and it does the same again.
Of course I'm now thinking that this is just me, so I don't say anything and just keep it to myself as I don't want to sound like a total fruit loop telling people about it.
Instead I was, once again, inspired to write a poem which as you will notice when reading it, morphs into a story about mental health, ironically.
Welcome to.........


As I lie here so still
I'm elsewhere in my mind
Yet, my eye is keen 
Hoping to find

Some solace or comfort
I stare up above
The clouds are now forming
They're something I love

To watch in such silence
My mind playing tricks
As my eyes gaze over
This assortment of bricks

That build me a picture
A vista so rare
Always, ever changing
Taking me there

To a part of my mind
Where I can be KING
Make my own decisions
My heart, it does sing

Of the simple patterns
And how they relax
My sight is taken
Following the tracks

To a comforting place
Where I need not think
About trials or stresses
So, able to sink

Into the soft grass
Envelops me now
Feel part of this earth
Assured somehow

Of a steady heartbeat
The clouds I control
As my eyes move one way
The same way they roll

I look to my left 
They follow my gaze
Then away to my right
I'm in such amaze

Is this some sort of trickery
That I now behold?
Or is this just fantasy
To which I've been sold?

Dark clouds are rising
Away to my right
Blown in on the wind
As if wanting to fight

Distant rumblings of thunder
The black menace grows
The shadow, the evil
Forked lightning, it throws

Growing more angry
As if Satan was steering
This monstrous storm, now
Takes over, whilst sneering

Right at me it's glare
Drives fire and static
My eyes taken over 
My mind so erratic

I try to control
The warmth and the light
Be rid of this spawn
Of evil, take flight

Fight back with my Angels
Of white clouds and sun
Forcing my strength
Back where I'd begun

The rain pours down hard
Like tears for those perished
The ones who gave all
For the ones that they cherished

I gather my army 
My soldiers of white
Take to this demon
As dark as the night

We rally and surge
Our enemy engaged
We banish the blackness
That once, was enraged

The air it feels fresher
Such warmth from the sun
Skies bluer, and lighter
White clouds dance and run

I blink for a moment
"Where've you just been?"
I sense love so near me 
My KING has a QUEEN.